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About Us

SPPS System Pvt. Ltd.

Who We Are ?

SPPS System Pvt. Ltd., a Attendance Solutions Company, is the biometric industry's leading independent integration and consulting firm, providing a broad range of biometric services and solutions. Since 2000 we have provided business and technical expertise in applications ranging from network security and transaction systems to access control and large-scale identification. Our clients include government agencies, leading financial institutions, Schools, Colleges, high-tech firms, and numerous Fortune 500 corporations.
Our staff leverages years of hands-on experience with the leading biometric technologies, including fingerprint, facial recognition, and iris-scan, along with real-world experience in evaluating and deploying biometrics within a variety of industries and applications. We are completely vendor-independent and technology-neutral, allowing us to objectively and independently assess companies, technologies, products, and projects.
SPPS System Pvt. Ltd.

Why Choose Us ?

We are committed to providing clients with state-of-the-art technology solutions, insightful and reliable analysis of the biometric industry, and long-term strategies for building successful biometric businesses and deploying effective biometric systems. Products and Services: Spps System Pvt. Ltd. develops and licenses advanced biometric finger identification technology that is cost effective, scalable and easy to deploy.
Biometrics is the science and technology of measuring and statistically analyzing biological data. Implementation of this technology enables users to verify identities through the submission of a biometric fingerprint sample. We generate revenues by offering our biometric identification software solutions to civil and commercial enterprises.
SPPS System Pvt. Ltd.

What We Do ?

Our patented, high-performance biometric finger identification technology accurately identifies and authenticates users of wireless and enterprise data to improve security, convenience and privacy while reducing identity theft. SPPS System Pvt. Ltd.'s biometric technology is a step ahead of AFIS or other biometric systems for real-time identification of individuals.
It provides a very discriminating set of data, allowing us to do positive identification based on a single finger scan. Utilization of our biometric software technology provides corporations and agencies with the highest security to ensure the safety and steadfast protection of valuable information as well as the ultimate tool to prevent identity theft.