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Frequently asked question


  • What happened If I forget my Id Card?

    The attendance is done by manually. They should report to the module coordinator or other academic member of staff taking the class.

  • Will students be able to access their attendance records?

    The attendance records submitted in the Attendance Tracking System will not be able to be accessed by students.

  • Is there any cost to receive message alert?

    No, There is no any cost to receive sms alerts.

  • Are Reports available for looking at the data?

    Yes, The Our system has number of reports which enable you to look at the data on an individual student, class, subject and year based. Reports can be view on screen, downloaded as PDF while test result can also be exported to Excel.

  • Can more amounts of data be fed?

    Yes, more amounts of data about attendance can be fed.

  • Do I need Server for This?

    No, there is no compulsion of server for this system.