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Sensify Face System

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Sensify's Face Detection and Recognition technology is indeed, the most appreciable application of biometric systems, as it offers significant improvement over existing security products. It is a revolutionary product with a built-in Artificial Intelligence chip to perform face detection & recognition, in fraction of a second, with a storage capacity of 10K faces.

Sensify is becoming an increasingly popular solution with companies suffering from loss of information and decrease in productivity due to lack of appropriate security measures. This technology also has a growing fondness in large organizations, manufacturing and production industries, data-sensitive firms, security agencies, airports and railway stations, etc.

SENSIFY offers a complete security & surveillance, attendance management and access control system, applicable in any industry and for any number of people; along with SMS or App notification of attendance, to concerned people and a live image, as well.

SENSIFY is a low-cost, highly-secure solution having the capability to function even in most congested areas and perform face detection & recognition, in fraction of a second.

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SPPS System Pvt. Ltd.


Detection & Recognition
Detects and tracks faces fast and accurately in multiple video streams

Real-time face identification
Quickly identifies faces from watchlists designed to send automated real – time alerts
Effortless Management
Easy to configure watchlist management through REST API and GUI

Multiple camera processing
Manages multiple camera streams per server without compromising speed or accuracy